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TECHNOSERVICE – Technical and Commercial Services, Ltd. was founded in 1996.



    TSE manufactures tools and moulds (up to 60t) for:

    Car industry; Machinery; Electrical Industry; Oil and Natural Gas Industries


    - Car Industry and engineering – Synthetic moulds

    - Pressure moulded tools for Aliuminium and Zinc

    - Pull-, Bend-, and Press-tools

    - Finished products for the Oil Inustry


    Total hall surface area 4200 metres squared

    Portal cranes up to 25t lift capacity

    45 CNC Machines

    14 Programming areas

    Own construction



    We trade high quality products made with modern technologies and a highly qualified technical personnel. The company holds a number of Certifications of its Quality of products:


    ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001

    API Specification Q1

    ISO/TS 29001



currently employs approximately 250 employees at the following plants:

    Žďár nad Sázavou